Imagine that your brain is vast universe. All the things inside your brain are floating around such as memories, feelings, thoughts, surmises, illusions, emotions and so on. They look messy, but they actually have hidden orbits and orders. What I want to do is to capture them, take a look at them, and find out what kind of relationships they have. I am curious about them so that I envision these abstract ideas. They move and change so fast. They disappear rapidly if you are not paying attention. Sometimes they are just fragments. Sometimes they are distorted and unrecognizable. Sometimes they don’t make any sense. As time goes on, they can be smashed by space and time.

The color of them inside my brain change at almost every microsecond. I only use black and white because I cannot find any other color that can represents them. The size of every single work is not so big. Viewers need to come close to look at the pieces. Because I like the way of whispering and intimate conversations rather than yelling to viewers.

When I was making them, I put myself in a peaceful mode. And then I took my pen to drew freely and quickly before they disappeared. This is a process to explore my inner world. If I were to cut off a section of my brain and this is what it would look like inside. Even though I cannot see the full view of my inner world, at least I can see the parts and details of it that profoundly console me.